Solid Edge and Teamcenter in action at Belintra, supplier of logistic solutions for healthcare

Bird Technologies

Bird Technologies uses Solid Edge and synchronous technology to design communication solutions

Kimball international

Kimball uses Solid Edge synchronous technology to speed new design of office furniture, make faster edits to existing designs and quickly and easily import decades of valuable IDEAS CAD data.

Reading Bakery

Reading Bakery designs industrial machinery for use in pretzel, cookie, cracker and related food processing companies such as Kellogs, PepsiCo etc.

Summit Tools

Summit Tools designs progressive dies using Solid Edge


Swiss ski-maker Stöckli manufactures skis that are tailor-made using Siemens Solide Edge software

Street Crane

Street Crane (UK) demonstrates the benefits of using Solid Edge, Insight and Microsoft SharePoint to manage the design process for their range of overhead cranes, and make the right design data available to their suppliers, dealers and customers

Ten Kate Racing

Solid Edge enables Ten Kate Racing to achieve shorter development cycles

The Energist Group

The Energist Group designs medical devices using Solid Edge

Theebo Tech

Theebo Tech, a South African agricultural equipment manufacturer, uses synchronous technology within Solid Edge and Solid Edge SP (SharePoint) to deliver notably improved design speed, significant re-use of designs from previous models & simplified and automated, product development processes.

Tread Corporation

Extensive use of synchronous technology during design of truck bodies and tanks for mining, construction and other heavy-duty uses pays real dividends at Tread Corporation.

Trlby Innovative

The use of synchronous technology helps a small company impress its large company customers. Other results from synchronous technology use include easily beating customer deadlines, exceeding customer expectations and creating designs not feasible in history-based CAD.

Venture Products

Venture Products designs agricultural machines using Solid Edge

Edison2 Very light car

Edison2 Very light car was designed using Solid Edge and synchronous technology

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