Solid Edge: Synchronous Technology

Getting products to the market faster, executing revisions quicker and reusing more imported 2D and 3D designs are the key points of synchronous technology. This breakthrough technology eliminates the barriers to productive 3D design found in history-based or explicit modeling systems. History-based technology requires design pre-planning. History based systems enable highly automated design but require tremendous pre-planning and models tend to fail during update regeneration. Explicit systems, while fast, don't offer design automation.

Solid Edge combines the best of both worlds. Solid Edge with synchronous technology combines the speed of explicit modeling with the precise control of parameterized design to provide the fastest most flexible design experience possible. And with Solid Edge's integrated design approach, users can experience the speed and flexibility with synchronous and have ordered features to document a process, all in one systems. Designers can choose the most appropriate technology yet leverage either technology depending on need.

By eliminating the history tree, engineers can develop models with few or no commands and avoid lengthy design pre-planning. And because features are independent, engineers can make changes regardless of how the model was built. And since edits are localized to just the design area, edits to the first operation can happen as fast as the last. Addressing changes to imported data has always been a problem in any traditional CAD system, but with synchronous technology, changing foreign data with either grab-and-go tools or 3D Driving Dimensions, you have the same flexibility as with native designs. One key aspect of this technology is that users don't need to become experts, new or casual users can stretch models into shape getting the power of 3D with the simplicity of 2D.

It is a highly differentiated product that can be used for any design task. And in addition provides a simple way to leverage synchronous selectively. 

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