Solid Edge: Simulation

Integrated design analysis

Simulating product operation is more than just FEA. Simplify and solve complex problems with Goal Seeking, design standard components such as shafts, beams and cams using built-in engineering rules, and understand how moving parts interact with motion simulation. Solid Edge Simulation can analyze the integrity of parts or assemblies and Femap can be used for advanced simulation. Reduce the need for physical prototypes with simulation.

Solid Edge offers a completely scalable analysis solution that gives designers a wide variety of solutions to meet the most demanding tasks. For static and modal analysis needs within parts and sheet metal models, we offer Simulation Express, a perfect fit for getting quick initial results. Simulation Express is free and included in Classic and above- built into Solid Edge and leverages proven Femap and NX Nastran functionality. Designers can see deflections, stress concentrations, factors of safety, and with modal, determine a parts natural frequency which will help you understand if a part will shake apart.

For assembly and part analysis, designers can use Solid Edge Simulation. It is free in Premium and an add-on for Classic and Foundation. Solid Edge Simulation leverages Femap and Nastran technology. Multiple studies can be performed solving for linear statics, modal, and buckling, as well as steady state thermal studies. To simulate a realistic environment, loads, constraints, and assembly contact constraints are provided. While meshing is automatic, users can refine the mesh inside a part or across different assembly components to add detail where needed without sacrificing performance. This system is the perfect for the multi-discipline engineer.

The design optimization tool predicts model behaviors under specified loading conditions in response to multiple variable changes. When design refinements are needed, synchronous technology is available to help users edit geometry with unbounded speed and flexibility.

Both of these solutions are scalable to Femap for a more advanced analysis needs such as thermal, buckling, assembly and more. Implementing Simulation Express, Simulation, or Femap is a proven way to reduce the need for physical prototypes.

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