Solid Edge: Large Assemblies

Solid Edge is architected to handle assemblies of just about any size. Efficient display management tools help user focus on specific design areas or establish regions of design with Zones and for a boost in performance, designs can be opened in a lightweight mode. Solid Edge helps you create and manage all of your assemblies from 1 to over 500,000 parts.

At the heart of the system are Siemens components such as Parasolid and D-Cubed for both modeling and part position solving. 

Synchronous technology is also available to speed both the development and refinement process, because the overhead of inter-part relationships are no longer needed. So users spend more time engineering and less time understanding how models are constructed and driving the CAD system. 

To reduce screen clutter and help users focus on the task at hand Solid Edge incorporates several innovative technologies such as simplified parts and assemblies that improve performance by reducing display data of single parts or entire sub-assemblies. Inactive parts display components for better visualization but don't load the geometry to extend assembly size capacity and 64 bit support allow access to more memory if needed. 

Working with massive assemblies is not just about being able to open them and spin them around on the screen. Lead designers can conceptualize and develop a skeleton with Zero-D before investing time in model development. This is unique to Solid Edge.

Large assemblies generally have larger design teams assigned to different parts of the design. To let engineers define a specific workspace Solid Edge has a concept of Zones.

Utilizing a special architecture, drawings of massive assemblies can be opened in a fraction of what other systems offer, why wait for the 3D model to load in the background (this can take a long time in other systems on large assemblies) if you simply want to view or print a drawing. Quick sheet templates allow automatic view creation that ensure company standard composition in record time.

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