Solid Edge for SharePoint

Solid Edge® for SharePoint is a new SharePoint application that provides easy storage and retrieval of your Solid Edge® files and design data. It is equipped with more advanced tools than the entry-level PDM solution Solid Edge Insight.

Solid Edge® SP comes equipped with a dynamic visual approach to managing linked documents and projects. The straightforward approach to managing complex data simplifies your design world. Solid Edge for SharePoint is built on 10 years of technical leadership and customer success with Microsoft SharePoint based CAD file management with Solid Edge Insight. First introduced in 2001, Insight has been deployed by more than 1,000 customers. The Solid Edge SP design management solution offers Solid Edge® users a unique, visual way to manage parts, assemblies and drawings, while also keeping projects, ECOs and ECRs under control.

Solid Edge® SP includes more advanced workflows than Solid Edge InsightTM.

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