Solid Edge: complete design tool

Build complete 3D digital prototypes and optimize designs before production. Design assemblies with machined, cast, or stylized components. Process-specific applications simplify frame, piping, tube, wiring, weldments, and mold tooling design. Show operations and appearance with exploded views, photo-realistic renderings, and animations. Solid Edge has all the tools for your digital prototyping needs.

Fast efficient digital prototyping requires a complete set of modeling tools. The tool set must extend past part and assembly design and include specialty applications for frame design, capturing welding operations, stylized design and more. And more importantly, those applications need to be designed for the task at hand. We call them process specific applications which provide the user with only the tools and operations needed to complete a certain task.

To give engineers the ultimate in digital prototyping, synchronous technology is available to speed both the development and refinement process.  With this technology users can find and refine fit and position problems before manufacturing.

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