Solid Edge: 2D drafting

Production-proven 2D drafting

High quality products begin with high quality drawings and Solid Edge is the industry's best choice for creating accurate, high quality 2D drawings from 3D models. Views include standard, auxiliary, section, detail, broken and isometric and detailing is fast with dimension retrieval and automatic parts lists with balloons. Drawings are always kept up to date alerting you of any change. For creating layouts or schematics, industry standard symbols are included to speed creation. We'll focus on three key components that make up Solid Edge's drafting system: view creation, detailing, and performance, but Solid Edge also includes stand alone 2D drawing capabilities.

Engineers can create all 2D drawing view types of 3D parts or assemblies from common orthogonal views, sections, detail, and many more. Views can even be shaded giving your isometric view a sense of realism.

The most popular standards are supported ensuring dimensions and annotations are in compliance. For speeding up the detailing process, hole tables, and bend sequence tables can be added to help document the manufacturing process. Assembly parts lists with automatic ballooning are just a few clicks away.

Solid Edge drafting is built for speed. Drawing creation can be automated with "quick sheet" templates and view generations based on Parasolid are fast and accurate. Drawing updates are optimized by regenerating only the affected areas.

Solid Edge has set the standard for automatic 2D drawing development and is capable of standalone 2D in a single system. Here are some of the details that set us apart in a production environment.

  • Place assembly views based on 'zones'.
  • Placement of perspective views doesn't have to be defined in the 3D
  • True broken out section views in Solid Edge.
  • True sheet metal bend table
  • Drawing Views query
  • Indent any column in the parts list
  • Indent one or more columns in the parts list
  • Drawing view depth of any orthogonal views
  • Drawing View & Dimension Tracker
  • Drawing Views can be placed onto layers

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