NXTM CAM delivers a complete and proven solution for machine tool programming that enables companies to maximize their efficiency in part manufacturing planning and production.

NXTM CAM provides a wide range of advanced capabilities that allow it to be used for programming many types of part. These include prismatic parts, found in machinery & production machining, mold & die machining, and complex parts typically associated with aerospace or turbine parts. The value of these advanced CAM capabilities can be linked to maximizing the value of investments in new, efficient machine tools such as mill-turn machines for prismatic or complex parts, high speed mills for mold and die, or five axis machines for many types of part.

A focus on ease of use with the latest User interface and special user roles (the Express role) means that less experienced users can access the advanced functions and value of NXTM CAM.

Programming automation in NXTM CAM (such as feature based machining) can also make the system easier to use and greatly reduce programming time.

Every NXTM CAM package comes with a post processer builder. Advanced machine tool simulation in NXTM is driven by the posted output (G-code driven simulation). These both help ensure that the output of NX is ready for production.

NX provides the most powerful, integrated technology platform spanning full 3D CAD, tool design, simulation, as well as CAM. This reduces the need to buy multiple CAM products from different vendors. NXTM CAM can provide any or all of the functions in one package. It can be extended to cover data and tool management, process planning and shop connection.

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