Edge Publisher is a unique, easy-to-use application for checking, updating and publishing Solid Edge® files. With Edge Publisher you will immediately start saving hours of work, as time consuming and tedious routines can be automated into single click operations.

Edge Publisher is a stand-alone application and requires no server products, PDM systems or similar.


All operations performed by Edge Publisher are wrapped in Activities.
You can consider Edge Publisher a toolbox, where you setup and customize you own Activities that can be executed on Solid Edge® Files. The following base Activities are delivered with Edge Publisher:

  • Automatic Update draftings and associated out-of date model links and optionally report broken dimensions.
  • Convert Files to all "Save As" formats.
  • Export Files to all "Save As Image" formats.
  • Print drafting files to printers depending on sheet sizes.
  • Export Sheet Metal flat pattern dxf files.
  • Check files for feature errors.
  • Create Parallel or Serial Activities that can contain any number of other Activities. These are basically workflows.

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